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Will meet once a month

The idea behind this life group is to be like a book club, except with movies instead. The plan is to watch a secular movie together and then discuss it afterward. The discussion will involve examining the positives and negatives of the worldview, or the message and theme of the film. We’ll examine where it pulls from the Christian worldview and where it pulls away from and we’ll also just talk about whether we liked it or not. The plan is to watch it together either in the Shed or a members home, with plenty of snacks involved!

Our first meeting will be a quick one after a Sunday service where we will plan the schedule. At that meeting the group will decide which movies to watch from along list of movies in addition to suggestions from the group.

The reason for choosing exclusively secular films to watch is for us to practice the way we consume secular media through the lens of the Christian worldview.Together as a group we can grow in the way we critique the secular worldview and the way we compare and contrast it with our own worldview.

Facilitator: Justin Oliver

Meets: Wednesday evenings 5:45-7:30 (dates TBD)

This life group is for ALL woman ages 19-99 as each brings a unique perspective to our daily walk with Christ to the group.  We will gather in homes to enjoy festive foods, a short devotional and then focus on a time of sharing, connecting and growing together. This is a very relaxed and casual group that allows each person to participate at their comfort level. We take turns hosting, bringing food and leading in the devotional on a volunteer basis.

Facilitator: Cindy Hoitink

Meets: Once a month (dates and times to be determined)

Come dine together for a time of delicious food and fellowship for three evenings between March and May. Participants will be asked to bring a dish to pass. This will be a casual relaxing event with the purpose of getting to know others better. The group will be limited to the first 12 people to sign up but if sign-up exceeds 12 we will offer more than one group.

Facilitator: Volunteers are needed

Choose all times that work for you:

Starting the week of March 10 and ending the week of May 5.

This eight week study is based on the book Redemptive Compassion by Lois Tupyi. This study will help participants learn how to truly help those who are in need. The session titles are as follows: Imprisoned With Kindness,The Call to Love—Is it Possible?, Seeing Through Our Father’s Eyes, Tough Love for Tough Times, Healing from the Inside Out and Changing the World One Life at a Time. There will be five daily studies for homework each week.The group will meet weekly for an hour.

Facilitator: Pastor Brian

Choose all times that work for you:

This group will use the video series by Dr. Preston Sprinkle which is subtitled “Five More Conversations Every Thoughtful Christian Should Have About Faith, Sexuality & Gender.” While holding a traditional view of marriage & human sexuality Dr. Sprinkle digs deeper into issues of faith, sexuality and gender and builds on the issues raised in Grace/Truth 1.0. The group will meet five times between March 10 and May 5. The five conversations in this series are as follows:
Conversation 1:Us vs. Us
Conversation 2: Shouldn’t Christians Just Love Everyone? And Other Questions…
Conversation 3:Sex, Gender and the Bible
Conversation 4: A Grace/Truth Response to the Gender Conversation
Conversation 5: LGBT & Inclusion in the Church

Facilitator: Pastor Bob

Meets: Weekly on Wednesday nights; 6:30-7:30

Join us for a study of Psalms 1 - 72 using Proverbs 31 Ministries' app.  Don't have a smart phone?  That's OK.  Copies will be available for you!  The principle for the app is that every day, you give God the first five minutes of your day so that you 'share whispers with God before shouts with the world.'  Come join us!

Facilitator:Jennie Wynveen

Choose all that work for you:

Will meet every other week

Join us to discuss the biblical mandate of women mentoring women across generations through Nancy De Moss Wolgemuth’s book, Adorned; Living Out the Beauty of the Gospel. The group will meet weekly starting the week of March 10. For more details about the book and discussion questions go online to

Facilitator: Mary Roethel

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