Lisa’s Love Story

63-year-old Lisa had been a single mother of five children, and after health problems led to bankruptcy and foreclosure 14 years ago, she had made recent progress toward getting on her feet financially. Lisa reached out to Love INC of Sheboygan County in February of 2020 with furniture needs, having just purchased a house after 14 years of renting. During her intake, a faith-filled intake specialist introduced Lisa to the Transformational Ministry Program, and she expressed interest in signing up for the next session of TM classes. Our Furniture Ministry delivered the gently-loved furniture items Lisa was in need of, and upon follow-up Lisa shared that she was very happy with the items she received and expressed that she had not had a couch for 20 years. Lisa further shared that she appreciated the reaching out by Volunteers to see how she was doing, she said it made her feel, “warm and fuzzy inside.”   In September of 2020, Lisa joined the Transformational Ministry program for the first time, by enrolling in Affirming Potential. Weekly reports by the AP Facilitator, and class Group Discussion Leaders noted that Lisa is attending class each week, thoroughly completing her homework, and openly engaging in group discussion. In week 4, our facilitator, Pat, shared: “This is definitely an important, life-changing experience for Lisa. She is invested in transforming her life.” As the class moved into the Dream Tool process, Lisa emailed to share which self-assessment category she would like to complete and added, “I am really learning a lot about myself and relationships to all including God. The people in this group are amazing! Thank you for offering this wonderful course.” The following week, Lisa emailed to share which Dream Selection Page she would like to focus on, after completing her self-assessment. In this email, Lisa stated, “I have completed my assessment and I think I want the dream selection on spirituality and faith. I think that will help me the most. I have learned so much about myself with the help of Pat, Joe, and Vicki and of course Diane. I am so grateful for their encouragement and wisdom and of course guidance. It is amazing how one call for some assistance has changed me inside. There is still so much for me to do but I think I finally am going to head in the direction God intended me.”  Truly remarkable! The joy within Lisa’s heartfelt sentiments is tangible; her experience is genuine confirmation that we are fulfilling our Love INC Purpose of mobilizing local Christian Churches to transform lives and communities through relationships, In the Name of Christ. From connection established in the Clearinghouse, to connection nurtured by needs met through Gap Ministry, to relationship deepened in the Transformational Ministry Program, Lisa is blossoming in relationship with Christ! As the Church, as the Body of Christ we are called to work together in relationship with one another (Acts 2:46), reflecting God’s image (Genesis 1:27) and affirming potential in another so we may live into the life of fulfillment God has planned for us. (Ephesians 2:10).

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