April 22, 2018



Ministry of Music – “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross”

Welcome & Announcements & Greeting

Call to Worship – “Before the Throne of God Above & All Who Are Thirsty”


Memory Verse – Matthew 28:19a, New International Version (NIV) –  “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,”
(Children will be dismissed for HOP)

Pastoral Prayer

Drama – “Woman at the Wall” – Uth Drama Team

Scripture – John 4:1-30, p. 1651

Message – “JESUS…Loves”

Offertory – “How Majestic Is Your Name”

*Doxology – No. 625/Prayer


*Closing Hymn – No. 452, vs. 1 & 3 – “Make Me a Blessing”

Dedication of Large Group Space:

Holy, blessed, and glorious God, who created and reigns over all things,

We dedicate this building to you.

Faithful, merciful, and gracious Savior, Jesus Christ, who revealed to us the deep love of God and gained the victory over sin and death so that we may live in peace and hope,

We dedicate this building to you.

Ever present Teacher, Sanctifier, and Comforter, Holy Spirit, who abides with us as our advocate and source of all power,

We dedicate this building to you.




Pastors – Bob Rook and Brian Taylor

Organist – Nikki Mills

Ministry of Music/Offertory – Bell Choir

Hymn Accompanist – Judy Meerdink
April 29 – Amy Wilterdink

Media – Jill Ver Velde
April 29 – Chris Swart

Sound – Mike Schreurs
April 29 – Braden Van Ginkel

Video – Curt Arndt, Don Draayers, Ruth Ann Draayers, Lee Hengst
April 29 – Dave Dykstra, Gary Hesselink, Dave Schreurs, Connie Schreurs

Ushers – Lee Hengst, Jim Roethel, Ginny Bourne, Todd Hilbelink, Jon Hoffmann,  Mike DeMaster, Julie DeMaster

Greeters – Mary DeMaster, Suzy Noordyk, Vicki Ebbers, Lee & Deb Hengst,  Rick & Dixie Lemkuil and Terry & Peggy Lemkuil
April 29 – Brad & Heidi  Riddiough, Larry & Gloria Opgenorth, Terri Mentink, Mary Paluchniak,  Don & Jill Ludens and Grant & Terry Markus

Family Greeters:
May 6 – Arvin & Doris Meerdink and Wayne & Judy Meerdink
May 13 – West & Kaleigh Meinnert and Craig & LuAnn Mentink
May 20 – Dean & Sally Mentink and Kevin & Katie Mentink
May 27 – Travis & Megan Mentink and Scott & Carol Mentink

Nursery – Tammy & Taygan Brusse
April 29 – Steph & Lexie Hengst

Deacons – Gregg Staggs, Al Harmeling, Aaron Daane, Luke Dykstra, Joel  Harmeling, Joel Nyhof, Eric Hesselink, Dave Schreurs, Justin Wilterdink



You are invited to attend a Bible Study at 6:00 PM in the north side of the Fellowship Room.  Our study will be on Hebrews 10.


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