FRC Worship Guidelines 

The Consistory of FRC established these guidelines realizing that our congregation is diverse and has different opinions regarding the situation we are currently in. In Colossians 3:12 we are taught to clothe ourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience as our way of life together. Please know that these guidelines are presented as a way to make all feel comfortable and welcome and keep people as safe as we are able. We do not want our focus to be on these things but all participants to put their focus on God as we worship!

  1. We are asking you to make the best decision for you about attending worship or participating in any programs, meetings, or events.  If you are high risk or are not feeling well or have any reservations about attending please use alternative means such as online worship, channel 14, or the other technological options that are often offered.
  2. We encourage everyone attending worship to wear a mask.
  3. We require those attending youth and children’s programming to wear masks.
  4. We encourage everyone to follow social distancing guidelines.  A household may be together but we ask that others stay to the 6 feet a part guideline, which includes to the sides and in front or in back.  Attendees are going to have their own comfort levels with this so please be understanding if people move around.
  5. We ask you to enter the building using the carport doors (West).  Weather permitting those doors along with the sanctuary doors will be open so you will not have to touch door handles.  The exception is that the restroom doors will be closed.
  6. Restrooms will be available.  A garbage can is located in the hallway outside the restrooms so a paper towel can be used to open the door after washing your hands and a sanitizing station is located outside the restroom doors as well.
  7. All attendees will have their temperature checked as they enter the building.  Anyone with a temperature over 100 degrees is encouraged to join us for worship online or on channel 14.
  8. We encourage all attendees to find a seat in the sanctuary upon entering the building and to exit the building immediately following the worship service.  We understand the desire will be to stop and engage in conversation because we are all eager to do so but we can not presume to know others opinions or situation, therefore we should be respectful.
  9. We will not be offering the following services: coffee-before or after the service, or nursery.
  10. We will not receive an offering during the service but there will be offering plates in the foyer before and after the worship service.  In addition there is a wooden offering box located on the wall in the foyer to deposit offerings as well as the online giving options.  If you need help with online giving please contact Jill Ver Velde or Toby Thomack.
  11. We encourage attendees to bring their own Bibles to worship.
  12. We will have hand sanitizer available.
  13. Groups of less than fifty are allowed to meet as long the space provides sufficient space for social distancing and a member of the church is a part of the group.  Groups may serve food and beverage according to the church usage policy and as long as it is brought in and taken with them when they leave.