Brothers and Sisters of FRC,

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ!

The Consistory of FRC has been meeting weekly for the past couple of months during the shutdown for Covid 19.  At last nights meeting it was decided to begin to get back to some of our regular practices as a church.  We will begin by opening our doors for worship this Sunday, May 24.  We do not expect everyone to return to worship. The poll/survey done last week reveals that just a little more than half of you are ready to come back while the other half have some reservations and replied maybe and others are just not comfortable doing so at this time.  This is representative of the diversity of feelings and thoughts on this whole issue. For this reason we ask two things of you.  First, that you make the best decision for you and your family’s health, which means if you are unsure please join us for worship using channel 14 or the online link with YouTube found in YouTube or on the FRC website.  Second, respect the decisions of those around you who are just seeking to make the best decisions they can for their health. We cannot establish rules or guidelines that will be in agreement with everyone’s thoughts and feelings so we need to trust you to bear with on another in this way. With that being said we have established some guidelines to help make worship as safe and comfortable for as many as possible. Those guidelines are accompanying this message.

We will have one worship service at 9 am and ask you to self-monitor if you decide to attend. We are doing everything we are able and have every confidence that we will be able to provide a solid video option this coming Sunday. We have had a couple of Sundays with some problems but believe we are on track to have things up and running by this Sunday with assistance of our video company this week. We so appreciate your understanding, prayers,and encouragement as a staff and Consistory. We give praise to our God who continues to bless us and will continue to be with us.

~ FRC Consistory & Staff

FRC Worship Guidelines 

The Consistory of FRC established these guidelines realizing that our congregation is diverse and has different opinions regarding the situation we are currently in.  In Colossians 3:12 we are taught to clothe ourselves with compassion, kindness,humility, meekness, and patience as our way of life together.  Please know that theses guidelines are presented as a way to make all feel comfortable and welcome and keep people as safe as we are able.  We do not want our focus to be on these things but all participants to put their focus on God as we worship!

1. We want to encourage high-risk people (age, health conditions, and etc.) to join us online or on channel 14.

2. We encourage those who have recently been sick, are not feeling well, or that have been exposed to illness to join us online or on channel 14.

3. We encourage anyone who has concerns to wear a face mask; they are welcome but not required.

4. We encourage everyone to follow social distancing guidelines.  A household may be together but we ask that others stay to the 4-6 feet apart guideline, which includes to the sides and in front or in back.  Attendees are going to have their own comfort levels with this so please be understanding if people move around.

5. We ask you to enter the building using the carport doors (West).  Weather permitting those doors along with the sanctuary doors will be open so you will not have to touch door handles.  The exception is that the restroom doors will be closed.

6. Restrooms will be available.  A garbage can is located in the hallway outside the restrooms so a paper towel can be used to open the door after washing your hands and a sanitizing station is located outside the restroom doors as well.

7. All attendees will have their temperature checked as they enter the building.  Anyone with a temperature over 100 degrees will be encouraged to join us for worship online or on channel 14.

8. We encourage all attendees to find a seat in the sanctuary upon entering the building and to exit the building immediately following the worship service.  We understand the desire will be to stop and engage in conversation because we are all eager to do so but we can not presume to know others opinions or situation, therefore we should be respectful.

9. We will not be offering and asking people to refrain from the following activities: food and beverage before or after worship, during any service or along with any programs of the church.

10.  We will not receive an offering during the service but there will be offering plates or containers in the foyer before and after the worship service.

11. We encourage attendees to bring their own Bibles to worship.

12.  We will have hand sanitizer available.

13. We encourage all attendees to follow these guidelines but they are self-policing.  Again remember that we do not all think the same and we do not know others situations, so please respect one another.

14. We are asking you to make the best decision for you about attending worship,wearing a mask or not, where to sit, and in general how to be responsible for your own health and the health of others as far as you are able.

15.  Finally,if you are at all uncertain, we encourage you to join us online or on channel 14.

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