September 23, 2018


Welcome, Announcements & Greeting

Call to Worship “This Is Amazing Grace” and “In Christ Alone”


Memory Verse – Deuteronomy 6:5 “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.”
(Dismiss Kids for HOP)

Pastoral Prayer

Ministry of Music – “With All the Many Miracles”

Hymn – No. 201, vs. 1& 4 –“Grace Greater Than Our Sin”

Scripture – Mark 20:1-16, p. 1529

Message “GRACE”

Offertory – “All Because of God’s Amazing Grace”

*Doxology– No. 625/Prayer


*Closing Hymn – No. 198, vs. 1 & 2 – “Wonderful Grace of Jesus”



Pastors – Bob Rook and Brian Taylor

Organist –Jill Ludens

Hymn Accompanist – Ruth Ann Draayers
September 30 – Carol Mentink

Ministry of Music/Offertory– Jim Blok Gary Gabrielse, Dave Ter Maat, Dave Huibregtse, Lee Tempas, Arvin Meerdink and Bob Van Der Puy; Drummer – Mike Brill

Media – Jodi Daane
September 30 – Jill Ver Velde

Sound – Mike Schreurs
September 30 – Dave Kwiatkowski

Ushers – Aaron Daane, Ed Kane, Jon Hoffmann,Howie Brusse, Tom Wensink, Gary Hesselink, Kevin Mentink

Video – Jim Ebbers, Jarred Hoitink, RandyPrinsen, Don Draayers
September 30 – Curt Arndt, Roger Oonk,Mike Soerens, Harold Veldboom

Deacons – Jason Mills, Ryan Heinen, Gregg Staggs, Al Harmeling, Aaron Daane, Luke Dykstra, Joel Harmeling, Joel Nyhof, Eric Hesselink

Nursery – Jen Hilbelink family
September 30 – Brenda Stecker & Campbell VanEss

Greeters – Dave Dykstra, Mike Daane, Jim &Vicki Swart, Laura Hoffmann, Harlan & Carol Roerdink and Jim & Mary Lou Roethel
September 30 - John & Barb Wenig, EdHurlbutt, Lee & Bonnie Tempas, Diane Joosse, Randy & Margaret Roethel and Bob & Mary Roethel

October 7
– Sandy Schmit and Charlene Schreurs
October 14
– David & Connie Schreurs and Jeff & Denise Schreurs
October 21
– Mike & Jessica Schreurs and Ruth Ann Schreurs


Everyone is invited to come tonight to the Fellowship Hall and watch a video entitled “Decline of Culture”.  There will be a discussion time to follow with Pastor Bob.  Hope to see you there!

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