March 17, 2019– Children’s Sunday


Welcome & Responsive Reading

Ministry of Music “Jesus Prayer”

Memory Verse Song (No HOP) – Luke 19:10

Children’s Sermon

Invocation & Greeting

Call to Worship – “Peace Like a River”

Congregational Prayer – Fifth Grade

Scripture– John 17

Message– “A GOD WHO PRAYS”

Offertory– “Is He Worthy?”

*Doxology– No. 625/Prayer

*Announcements & Benediction

*Closing Hymn – No. 579 – “Jesus Loves Me”




Pastors – Bob Rook and Brian Taylor

Organist – Nikki Mills

Hymn Accompanist – Elaine Brill
March 24 – Ruth Ann Draayers

Ministry of Music – Kids

Offertory – Praise Team

Media – Jodi Daane
March 24 – Chris Swart

Sound – Peg Lemkuil
March 24 – Mike Schreurs

Ushers – Eric Hahn, Tedd Mentink, Ginny Bourne,Tom Wensink, Ron Oonk,  Jack Van Ess, Jay Hengst

Video – Glenn Harmelink, Jack Hoffmann, Joel Hoffmann, Harold Veldboom
March 24 – Don Draayers, Ruth Draayers, Jim Ebbers, Randy Prinsen

Deacons – Luke Mills, Justin Van Ess, Alan Wilterdink, Andy Ramaker, Jon Hoffmann, Phoenix Ramirez, Kathy Hurlbutt, Jason Mills, Mike Schreurs

Nursery – Dixie Lemkuil & Kari Dykstra
March 24 – Tammy & Taygan Brusse

Greeters – Marv & Bev Potter, Bruce & Sue Nyenhuis, Nancy Westerbeke, Jack & Jean Kohls, Sandy Van Stelle and Geraldine Vander Ploeg
March 24 –   Lana Ten Dolle, Dave Dykstra, Dave & Shelly Stemper, Mel Nelson, Neil & Phyllis Vander Ploeg and Andy & Lori Veldboom

Family Greeters:
March 31
– Harold & Donna Veldboom and Cheryl Velier
April 7
– Dale Velier and Gary & Mary Velier
April 14
– Allan & Althea Ver Velde and Don& Jill Ver Velde

Bible Study – 6:00 PM

You are invited to a Bible Study at 6:00 PM in the north side of the Fellowship Room.  Our study will be on Ecclesiastes 6.

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