May 19, 2019



Welcome& Announcements

Invocation& Greeting

Callto Worship – “Shout to the Lord” and “HowGreat Is Our God”


MemoryVerse – Ruth 1:16b:  “Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your peoplewill be my people and your God my God.”
(Kids will be dismissed to HOP)


Hymn– No. 285, vs. 1, 2 & 4 – “In Christ There Is No East or West”

Scripture– Ruth 3

Message– “THE RISK”

Offertory– “The Longer I Serve Him”

*Doxology– No. 625/Prayer


*ClosingHymn – No. 286 – “Blest Be the Tie That Binds”


*Allwho are able are asked to please stand.



Pastors – Bob Rook and Brian Taylor

Organist – Nikki Mills

Offertory – Nikki Mills, LeAnne Hengst, Kami VanEss, Peg Lemkuil

Hymn Accompanist – Judy Meerdink
May 26 – Sandy Theune

H.O.P. Leader– Cindy Hoitink Helpers – PeytonLewin & Kalli Ramaker

Media – Jodi Daane

Sound – Mike Schreurs
May 26 – Dave Schreurs

Ushers – Poncho Verduzco, Grant Markus, WayneOpgenorth, Rog Oonk,            BrianDaane, Brue Nyenhuis, Craig Mentink

Video – Curt Arndt, Jack Ebbers, GlennHarmelink, Gary Hesselink;                       May 26 – Lee Hengst, Darrell Hoffmann, Roger Oonk, Mike Soerens

Deacons – Tim Swart, Jerrod Ten Dolle, JustinWilterdink, Jeff Schreurs,               ScottRing, Todd Hilbelink, Grant Markus, Luke Mills, Justin Van Ess

Nursery – Aaron & Nicole Daane
May 26 – Scott & Angela Ring

Greeters – Gina Kwiatkowski, Greg & JillBrasser, Brian & Wanda Zurmond,         Phil& Linda Huenink, Alan & Amy Wilterdink and Dale & Zella Wilterdink;             May 26 – Sheri Hafeman, DeloresRoethel, Harriet Rauwerdink, Brett        Lilyquist,Gary Huenink, Justin & Alyssa Wilterdink and Mary Winkelhorst

Family Greeters:

           June2 – Ray & Kaylene Wittneben and Penny & Felix Wychesit

           June9 – Lynn & Mary Wykhuis and Cal & Vonnie Wynveen

           June16 – Dan & Jennie Wynveen and Gay Wynveen & Pat Zurmond



You are invited to a BibleStudy at 6:00 PM in the north side of the Fellowship Room.  Our study will be on Ecclesiastes 11 &12.

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