First Reformed Church News
July 5 – July 11, 2020

Today’s Message – “Selfless"
Philippians 2:1-30

Sunday,July 12 – Message – “Be On Guard"
Philippians 3:1-16

This Week’s Activities

MONDAY: 6:30 PM – Men’s Ministry Team meeting in the Fellowship Hall.

TUESDAY:  9:00 AM – Prayer Circle meets in the Fellowship Hall.  All ladies are asked to bring a short devotional to share.

More News:

The Sacrament of Infant Baptism will be administered this morning to Zachary Ivan Hesselink, son of Eric & Kristen (Glodosky) Hesselink.

NOTE:  Consistory approved meetings and gatherings to resume at church with the following guidelines.  All gatherings will be in the Fellowship Hall and should be scheduled with the church office. Church groups only.  No food or drink.  Follow the same guidelines as worship except temperature taking is not necessary.

Faces of FRC: We continue to appreciate seeing your smiling Faces of FRC each week.  To ensure that this continues please take a few minutes to share your picture and answer a few simple questions and submit that information.  That can be done by going to the church website ( and clicking on Faces of FRC tabor if you would like to have us send you a form please contact the church office and then you can mail your completed form to the church. 

Prayer Request Ministry via Text:  The Reach Team is researching the possibility of receiving prayer requests via text.  If you would be willing to be part of a team that would pray for these requests and you are willing to receive requests via text please contact Pastor Brian 564-2319 ext. 305 or

CHURCH ATTENDANCE:  Sunday, June 28 – 207

NOTE:  The offering received on 6/21/2020 totaled$16,849.00 (Budget Amount Needed $16,904).

MISSION OF THE MONTH:  The offerings received in July will be going to Dave & Deb Eernisse for their work with Wycliffe Ministries.

It appears church camping is a go for August 7th– 9th. We are pleased to already have 5 families signed up!  Please contact Lori or Toby if your family plans to participate.



August 7-9 – FRC Family Camp weekend at Pine Ridge Campground.

August 26 – Grill & Chill at FRC.

September 13 – Worship in the Park at 10:00 AM.


Please be in prayer for the following people this week:

Pray for Faye Gabrielse who will be having knee replacement surgery on Tuesday at Memorial Hospital.

Pray for Muriel Ledeboer who is dealing with a lot of discomfort due to shingles.

Pray for Pat Zurmond as she receives rehabilitative therapy at Sheboygan Health Services until July 7th or July 9th when she anticipates being transferred to Pine Haven.

Pray for Rollie Rauwerdink as he receives chemotherapy treatments.  His recent treatment went well but left him quite weak so let us pray for increased strength especially in his legs.

Pray for Bruce Nyenhuis who is doing well recovering from his broken ankle and his hoping to have a boot put on soon and that possibly his no weight restriction time of 4 to 6 weeks will be shortened.

Pray for Kayden Stecker as he recuperates at home following surgery on his leg.  He isn’t able to put any weight on his leg for several more weeks.

Pray for Bev Potter who fell this past week and broke her hip.  She had surgery at Memorial Hospital and is now recovering and doing rehab at Rocky Knoll.  She is doing pretty well but has some pain.

Pray for Henry DeBlaey as he adjusts to being home and pray that he learns to eat what he needs to continue to grow.

Pray for strength for Sande Peters as she has moved to Cedar Grove Gardens and is doing pretty well with that move.  Cards or notes of encouragement should be sent to her at  606 Van Altena Avenue, Cedar Grove, WI 53013

Pray for E.J. Caljouw is doing well and received a good report that his cancer is gone. He will be meeting with his doctor next week to discuss what comes next.

Pray for Dale Velier who is home following a second stroke and doing pretty well except for some weakness with his left hand.  He is going to therapy once a week.

Pray for Gary Feldmann who is doing a little better and getting a little more active. He has appointments with doctors this week to hopefully learn more about his transplant as they continue to treat his cancer.

Pray for Verla Westerbeke with her ongoing treatment for cancer.

Pray for Dick Preder who is at the Haven Drive Campus of Pine Haven receiving therapy after his hip surgery and doing pretty well.

Pray for Jean Kohls who is doing well and received news that her skin issue was a precancerous condition that can be treated so she will have that treatment on July 14 and then continue with her other cancer treatments.

Pray for our government officials and doctors and health care workers as they make decisions and care for people.

Pray for those who are isolated from family and friends in their homes or in care facilities and for those who provide care for them.

Pray for those who are unemployed or have had their work hours reduced.

Pray for the unrest in our country.

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