6/13 – 6/19, 2021 Activities
6/13/2021 - SERMON NOTES

6:30 PM – Reach Team Meeting in the Fellowship Room.

9:00 AM – Prayer Circle meets in the Fellowship Hall.  Leader – Ann Lammers;  Hostess – Alice Navis

1:30 – 3:30 PM – Stitching For a Cause in the Fellowship Hall.

Sunday, June 20

Message is “The Extent”.
The scripture text is Romans 5:12-14 (Heidelberg Catechism Q & A #8-9)

What’s Happening at FRC 

Our June Mission of the Month offering will be for Bob & Amy Abel and their family in their ministry with Remember Nhu.  They offer the following words in regard to their ministry and our partnership with them: On behalf of our family and the children of Remember Nhu, we are both blessed and grateful for our partnership with FRC Oostburg. Stop and think for a moment that there will be children in heaven someday because of your investment in their lives (through both your support of our family and the children in your home in Kenya).  We are thrilled to let you know that after one year we are now taking in more children.  Remember Nhu is in the best financial position in its history and the plan is to open several new homes in the next year.  Ke24, your home in Kenya, will eventually be moving to a new property that Remember Nhu will own. It will be a brand new home and will share the property with two other new homes.  Our work of providing pastoral care to our staff and oversight of vocational ministry continues as we have also taken over supervision of some of Remember Nhu's administrative staff. Amy continues the development of a three-year journey through the bible curriculum that will be translated and used across all our Remember Nhu homes.  Please continue to pray for the hand of the Lord's protection to be upon all children at risk and those that have already fallen prey to the sex trade. Grace and peace in Christ Jesus, Bob. Amy, Josiah & Judah. The offering received to date is $194.97.

For this Sunday and throughout the week we will be praying for Kelsey Corpas in her ministry with World Team in Spain. She submitted the following prayer requests:  1) Please pray for our not yet Christian friends to have open hearts to God and that God would open doors for us to share His love with them.  2) Please pray for efficiency in paperwork matters that we're dealing with for travel to the USA and Spanish bureaucracy. 3) Please pray for my role on the European Leadership team for World Team that God would give me wisdom to lead and serve well.

Do you have ideas for Life Groups?  Would you be willing to be part of a team of people who shares a passion for Life Groups? If you said yes to either of these questions we would like you to consider being part of a team that plans Life Group offerings for this coming fall. If you are interested, or if you have questions, please contact Pastor Brian.

Volunteer opportunity: We could use 2 or more people who are willing to be part of a team that collects our Friendship registers each week. The goal is to get 4 people to do this in a rotation so that each person would only need to collect the registers about once per month. Ideally the registers would be collected on Sunday after worship or by Monday evening.  If you are interested or have questions please contact Pastor Brian. His phone numbers are listed on the back of the bulletin and his email address is btaylor@frcoostburg.org

Connie Schreurs is STILL looking for some help on Sunday, August 1.  (Could you be one of the 10 she still needs??)  Volunteers would work at the Kohler picnic either from 6-Noon or Noon-6, and they would be fed, get a t-shirt, and have a whole lot of fun!  The Food Vault Ministry would receive a generous donation from Kohler for the hours worked!  Please contact Connie if you have any questions.

The Serve Team is looking for an individual or team that will take over the coordination of Work Groups.  As we begin looking forward to having organized events later this year, the Work Groups are being updated to ensure all members are included. The Coordinators role is to make the initial contact with the Work Group leaders who are scheduled for events and to provide the leaders with information for the Work Group assignment.  This role could be managed by multiple coordinators as well so if you are interested or have a group that would like to manage this together, please contact Lorann TenHaken at ltenhaken@wi.rr.com or cell 262-573-5406.

Faces of FRC:  We like seeing the faces of our FRC Families on Faces of FRC but we have only been able to post them when new submissions have been submitted.  Would you consider sharing your profile with us?  To make a submission all you need to do is answer a few simple questions and submit a picture.  If you want we can use your picture from our pictorial directory.  You can submit your information by going to the FRC website (frcoostburg.org) and click on the Faces of FRC tab or pick up a form at the Information Booth.  Completed paper forms can be mailed with a photo to the church or put in the Faces of FRC box at the Information Booth. We look forward to seeing your smiling face on Faces of FRC.

NOTE:  The offering received on 6/6/2021 totaled $19,121.00 (Budget Amount Needed $17,019).

ATTENDANCE:  June 6 – 314

Don't forget!  Family Camp Weekend is back!  Mark your calendar for August 27-29 for lots of faith-filled fun at Breezy Hill Campground just outside of Fond du Lac. Check them out online, and call Breezy Hill directly to make a reservation.  Sign-up soon for the best choice of sites! Please contact Lori or Toby if you have questions or once you have registered with the campground.

Parents of students attending Camp Manitoqua:  Please remember to turn in the permission slip with deposit to the church office,

Hey kids and parents! To help connect the summer sermon series to kids, we are offering YOU, ME, and the HC!!! This is a way to present the Heidelberg Catechism to kids at their own level.  The words are condensed, but intentionally the same, so it can be a building block for kids to learn it more fully later in life.  We will focus on three main Questions and answers this summer.  In June our focus is Q & A 1.  What is our only comfort in life and death?  The beginner answer to that question is, "That we are not our own, but belong to Jesus."  To help kids learn this question and answer, we'd like to share a song with you.  Check out the video in the e-mail you should have received.  I encourage you to learn the song, so all the kiddos can sing it together on the morning of Sunday, June 27th, during worship.  We will excuse the kiddos for about 10 minutes on   June 20th to practice this song together.  Please also mark your calendar for Tuesday, June 22, when we have a YOU, ME, and the HC day from 11:00 – 1:00 PM.  Watch for more information next week regarding this fun opportunity for kids who have completed K-5th grade.

8th – 12th Grade 2-Day Lifest Event!!  The Church Bus will depart on Friday July 9th at 1:00 PM.  We will stay overnight at a hotel in Appleton and arrive back late late Saturday, July 10th.  The cost is $50, due July 1st with the online digital signup and consent form: https://forms.gle/3diyxNk5RDt8jJsbA

Jr. High HOG Day @ NOAH’S ARK!!  5th grade thru 8th graders (2020-2021).  Come along and enjoy the day with area Jr. Highers at Noah’s Ark on Tuesday, July 13th!  Cost is $40 which is due July 1st with an online consent form http://forms.gle/GNe7FMM7QaHscYLj6


June 22 – Kids You, Me, & the HC day. (11:00 AM – 1:00 PM)

June 27 – Kids sing in worship.

July 9th-10th – High School Lifest Overnight

July 13th (Tuesday) – Area Wide Middle School Noah’s Ark Day.

July 18-24 – Twin Cities Youth Mission Trip.

July 25 – 30 – 3rd – 8th Grade @ Camp Manitoqua!

September 8 – Annual Grill & Chill at FRC.

September 11 – The Annual Men’s Golf Scramble at Autumn Ridge.

September 19 – Worship in the Park.


Please be in prayer for the following people this week:

Pray or Gerry Vander Ploeg as she receives rehabilitative therapy following surgery on her hip.

Pray for Scott Ring as he recuperates from TMJ surgery and the adjustments that are part of his lengthy recuperation.

Pray for Lee LeMahieu as he receives cancer treatments.  Pray that the treatments are effective with minimal side effects.

Pray for Pastor Wayne Tripp that his heart would leave AFIB and get back into regular rhythm and pray that his Warfarin levels would become balanced in a good range.

Pray for Gary Feldmann as he resumes treatments for multiple myeloma.

Pray for Randy Prinsen as he receives his bi-weekly chemotherapy treatment this week.

Pray for Verla Westerbeke with her ongoing treatments for cancer.  Pray that the treatments are effective with minimal side effects.

Pray for those who continue to provide treatment and care for Covid 19 patients.  Pray that the number of cases of the virus declines and pray for healing for those who have Covid.